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Welcome to Paintbrush and Dice

A tabletop wargaming podcast that also talks about board games, and the awesome hobby of miniature model painting.

As someone who was new to the world of tabletop wargaming and miniature model painting, I searched for a podcast that catered to the "newbies". There are a lot of great podcasts out there that talk about the gaming and hobby aspect, but very few cater to those who are first starting out.

Thus, the Paintbrush and Dice Podcast was created to help connect the "newbies" to some more "seasoned" and experienced players and hobbyists.


Welcome Gamers, Miniature Model Painters, and Hobbyists!

A Wargame Podcast for Everyone

In July of 2018, I purchased A-war hammer 40K kill team starter Box set because I've always been intrigued with and interested in playing war hammer 40K. That day commenced an amazing journey into the realm of tabletop wargaming and miniature model painting which I have come to love and enjoy!

I wanted to be sure that I assembled and painted my models to the best of my ability, so I began watching tutorials on YouTube as well as other sources.  It wasn't long before I ended up on Instagram and began reaching out to various commission painters for tips and advice. Much to my surprise, every single person who I reached out to responded to my direct messages and were amazingly kind and helpful. Much to my delight, they were more than happy to help!  With everyone being so helpful and friendly, I soon became inspired to start a Podcast which would help other "newbies" find answers to their questions, just like me.

 Since the launch of the 1st episode of "Paintbrush and Dice" in February 2019, listeners started to tune in and the Podcast ended up building a life of its own - helping fellow gamers and hobbyists to connect on different social media platforms (mostly on Instagram).

 By the way, I play other board games as well and I discuss them every so often on the podcast; so this is really geared for tabletop gamers everywhere!

Thank you so much for stopping by - I hope you find some useful information here as well as from listening to my Podcast. Happy gaming!

Your man, 



Podcast Gallery

A photo journal of my models and the podcast in general.

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